14 Funny AF Hostess Gifts for Mums Who Love to Swear

I live in the south, where charm and class reign supreme. But let me tell you one universal truth about mothers everywhere (even down here): a lot of us like to swear. Maybe it’s the allure of ever-so-occasionally doing something “bad” when your time is otherwise always spent setting a good example. Maybe it’s the […]


If the Mums of Big Little Lies Were Your Girl Gang…

HBO’s Big Little Lies just had its second season finale this week, and my husband and I both had to pick our jaws up off the floor at the season-ending cliffhanger. If you’re anything like us, you fell in love with the high-drama, unbelievably believable, intensely alluring show within the first few scenes of last […]


These DIY Disney Princess Hairstyles Are So Easy to Create

We’ve been on a Disney princess kick in this house since my eldest was about two-years-old. Now that she’s four, and has long hair to play with, I get daily requests for a “princess style.” Looking at Pinterest for inspiration on little girls’ hair can be intimidating — not only do the more complicated styles […]


Fun Summer Nail Art Designs For You and Your Kids

With July 4th coming up and a summer of beachside fun ahead, there’s one thing my little girls and I can’t stop discussing: nails! Summer is a fun time to experiment and play with nail art, and nothing adds a splash to your mommy-and-me outfits like matching manicures. Some of the cutest summer nail art […]


29 Beautiful Name Ideas for Summer Babies

Ah, sweet summertime. Once upon a time, the season brought the scent of tanning oil and feel of the hot sand under your feet. Now it brings always-hungry kids and a line around the block to get an iced coffee. For some of us, it also brings summer babies. Precious little bundles wrapped in muslin […]


10 Best Nappy Bags for Dads for Father’s Day

When we were expecting our first child, I had a list of about 300 items we needed. But my husband, also excited about the impending arrival of Baby #1, didn’t care about many details beyond the crib (easy to install, please!) and the stroller (solid turning radius a must!). However, one thing that he really […]


15 Cute Etsy Shops For Kids’ Birthday Party Supplies

When it comes to birthday parties, I am all about the decorations. Food is great, but nothing says “party” more than banners, streamers, confetti, and balloons. And while I’d love to be the mum that sits around for weeks on end, hand-cutting and gluing the best party decor ever, the truth is I just don’t […]