A Quick and Easy Updo for Busy Fall Mornings

School is back in session, which means my mornings are spent making breakfast, packing lunches, running around looking for one or more shoes, and trying to get myself together before I walk the kids to school. And by getting myself together, I mean brushing my teeth and finding my keys. I don’t have time for […]


3 Rad Washable Hair Colour Options for Kids

Relaxing the rules and letting your kids go a little wild is one of the best parts about summer break. In our house, bedtimes are flexible, screen time creates little guilt, and going for a swim counts as a bath more times that I’m willing to admit. Which is why this is the best time of […]


Never Suffer From Eyeliner Transfer Again

We’ve all had those days when you spend valuable minutes painstakingly applying eyeliner, going to great lengths to keep both eyes even. Few of us aren’t familiar with the careful dance that is trying to avoid building the wing out so far that we stumble into Amy Winehouse territory. Which is why it is so […]


3 Pretty and Easy DIY Summer Nail Design Ideas

Summer is rough on my hands. I spend my days throwing balls and frisbees, digging in our garden, pushing my 3-year-old higher and higher on the swings, or gripping our double stroller for dear life while I huff and puff up the hills in our neighborhood. By the end of the day, I have more […]


This Dewy Makeup Tutorial Will Make Your Skin Glow

I love a flawless, airbrushed-to-perfection, full-coverage look as much as the next gal. But for me, there is nothing more gorgeous than dewy skin that seems to glow from within. On spring or summer days, a glowing face is my favourite face. Not having to bother with foundation is always a plus, and with no […]