10 things to miss about being pregnant

After being pregnant two years in a row with back-to-back babies, I was thrilled to be able to sip a glass

of wine heartburn-free and lounge in a hot bath without cooking my womb.

 But after becoming a parent and growing accustomed to snoozing on my stomach again, I realised there were things I missed about being pregnant. Here’s what I miss most:

1. Elastic waist bands.

2. Getting my doctor’s full attention for longer than five minutes.

3. Watching the bean inside me grow a face and legs.

4. Those 300 extra calories a day to use on ice cream and vending machine chips (aww, c’mon people, you don’t only eat all fruit and veggies either).

5. Having a good reason to not cook dinner for three months.

6. Hearing the labour stories, even the horror ones, because every labour and delivery has its own story (even the c-sections!)

7. An excuse for re-decorating an entire room.

8. Loading up on free magazines at the doctor’s office.

9. Seeing my baby’s elbow jut across my belly like a shark cutting its way through the Pacific.

10. A sense of pending adventure.

What else do you love about being pregnant?

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