Bubble wrap crafts are the perfect way to entertain kids, because they love nothing more than bubble wrap. My kids live for the stuff. They elbow each other out of the way and sprint across the room with determination gleaming in their eyes quite like they do when a package arrives. You would think they’d be super excited to see what fun toy, sugary candy, or adorable clothes were delivered to our door, but no. It’s the bubble wrap they want. They can’t wait to get their little fingers on those sheets of pop-able plastic.

I always feel guilty for throwing away all of those useless plastic after the kids have burst every bubble, so I wanted to find some creative bubble wrap crafts so that we can reuse and upcycle those sheets. Here, I’ve rounded up some totally great bubble wrap crafts for my kids (and yours) to enjoy. Check ’em out!

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11 Boredom-Busting Bubble Wrap Crafts & Activities