DIY Crafts for Mum

DIY Travel Coffee Mug For Chilly Fall Mornings

While I love the summer, I for one am pretty pumped to trade in my iced tea for something hot and pumpkin-flavored! Feeling the same way? There’s something about the season of boots and scarves, falling leaves and hot coffee, that’s extra magical. So I thought an easy DIY to celebrate it all was totally […]


2 Ways to DIY Gorgeous Leather Earrings

Fall is on the way, and there’s nothing more fun than switching up your accessory game with the changing of the seasons! Now, I’m not just talking boots and scarves here (although I love boots and scarves as much as the next person). I’m talking about getting your DIY on and creating something entirely new. […]


This DIY Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Will Keep the Bugs Away

I love summer but I don’t love the mosquitos that arrive with the warm weather. And as important as bug repellent is to ward off bites, I personally can’t stand the smell of traditional bug sprays. But this year, I’ve got an all-natural solution for those annoying pests – an all natural DIY mosquito repellent bracelet. It’s […]


Recycle Fringe Earrings For a Fab DIY Sandal Upgrade

During the holiday season, I shared a fantastic (and easy) way to add a DIY embellishment to a pair of velvet heels. Since I received a compliment nearly every time I wore them, I decided to transform another pair of shoes for the summer months. It’s only fair, right? Instead of vintage bling, this time I […]


Make a Sweet DIY Donut Garland Using Felt

If you are looking to add a sweet touch to your home decor, look no further than this DIY donut garland. This simple strand is made with felt and a glue gun can hang on your dessert table, your shelving, your countertop or anywhere else! It’s also the perfect birthday party decor if any your kiddos […]


10 DIY Interactive Toys To Hone Baby’s Fine Motor Skills

While it may seem like babies can’t do very much, it’s actually never too early to start your little one on developmental activities. There are endless interactive baby toys on the market these days, but they’re often expensive and not all that attractive. And you never know whether the materials that they’re made from are […]

DIY Crafts for Mum

A DIY Unicorn Letter For Magical Room Decor

If you have a daughter like mine, you know her young world revolves around rainbows and unicorns. They are are trending all over the internet, and in our local stores. The mythical, powerful and magical creatures have found their way into little girls hearts and minds everywhere. In fact, they made their way into more […]

DIY Crafts for Mum

8 Simple & Beautiful DIY Baby Blankets

In four years as a mum, I’ve wrapped up two babies in countless blankets. And while we don’t necessarily have a particular favourite, the DIY baby blankets are by far the most special to our whole family. My daughters love hearing about the people who made some of their adorable blankets and I know these […]