What to Expect in the Upcoming Season of Dance Mums

Abby Lee Miller - Dance MumsIn a word? Drama! I cannot wait for the new season of Dance Mums, which promises to be more intense than ever! The pressure is really on now that the country’s premier dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, is looking for new talent. She’s hitting the road on a national tour to scout her next star, and the dancers know she means business when she says, “Everyone is replaceable.” With threat of fresh blood, each dancer will have to prove that she still belongs on the team, and each Dance Mum will be encouraging her daughter to step up her game. These mums will stop at nothing to guarantee on spot on stage for their little ballerinas.

Even if you and your kids prefer couch-surfing to dancing, you can still enjoy the new season. The premier will reveal new updates on the girls and awesome performances—it’s going to be scintillating, so don’t miss it TONIGHT January 1st at 9PM EST. Tune into Lifetime to view!!