11 Egg-citing Easter Games For Kids

  Like many families, our annual Easter tradition involves hunting for eggs. But this year, we want to add some Easter games for kids to our neighborhood egg hunt. Each year, a larger group of kiddos join the hunt as more families move into our ‘hood. Once the hunt is over, parents stand around talking […]


12 Boredom-Busting Board Games for Kids

The three most dreaded words in the English language are “Mom, I’m bored.” I mean, are you kidding me? Try doing your taxes, kids. Now that’s boring. Luckily, board games for kids are a surefire boredom buster, and they’re secretly educational, teaching strategy, game theory, math and reading skills without kids even realising they’re getting […]

Amazon fire

FreeTime subscription for the Amazon Fire tablet

My husband and I have always been the kind of parents who have strong feelings about not allowing our kids to access the Internet before a certain age. We’re just not comfortable with the idea of bad actors lurking in multi-player games or our kids accidentally buying a thousand dollars’ worth of lives or outfits […]


Unboxing New Goodies With My Hatchimals Obsessed GirlsSponsored content

OK – so my girls are currently OBSESSED with Hatchimals Colleggtibles. It all began last Christmas – when they BEGGED me for one! And of course, super mum queued, scoured the internet and finally delivered! I don’t know about you but when it comes to gift giving for my girls, I love to find the […]

Paw Patrol

Unboxing New Toys With My Paw Patrol Crazed 3 Year OldSponsored content

In recent months, I have seen a massive shift in Harvey. He is no longer a toddler that constantly requires my full attention. A year ago, if there was silence, I would instantly panic and think he had got into the Sudocrem again, but these days more and more, I am finding him playing independently. […]