Your Holiday Gift Guide


Gift Guide for Siblings

Parents know that shopping for one gift to share between siblings only makes sense, since they’ll probably end up trying to steal one another’s presents, anyway. This holiday gift guide will help you choose just the right thing for kids of a variety of ages and interests, from classic favourites with a twist to new […]


What to Buy – Holiday Tech Edition

There is no better time to be a geeky mum than the holiday season, because that’s when the latest wave of tech gadgets arrives for the whole family! Whether it’s upgrades to old favourites, or revolutionary new technology, this year’s holiday tech options are some of the coolest toys and tools I’ve ever seen!


11 Best Shopping Apps for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again, when everyone scrambles to manage all their lists: to do lists, grocery lists, honey-do lists, and wish lists! How we manage it all in time to enjoy the holidays is beyond me. Here are some of the best mobile apps to save you time and money while you're out […]


Tips, Tricks, and Gadgets for Taking Amazing Camera Phone Photos

By itself, the mobile camera can be pretty limiting when it comes to creativity. Here are some great gadgets that will help you stretch the creativity of your camera phone photos: Self-Portrait Help  Whether you're tall or short, self portraits are typically limited to the length of your arm. Now there are lots of remote […]