Pretty Packaging Supplies

Who doesn't love a brown paper package tied up with string? Pretty packaging and wrapping supplies make long-lasting first impressions when gifting.

  1. Hand dyed twill fabric ribbon by Olive Manna
  2. Striped Milk and Paper gift tags
  3. Teal and White Baker's Twine by The Twinery
  4. Cloth airmail bags by Hooray Design
  5. Write your own digital message card by Upon a Fold
  6. Linda and Harriett sailboat flat cards
  7. Custom wooden stamp by Note Boot

You spend so much time picking out a gift, spending just another minute to think of presentation will make a huge difference. I'd love to have a large closet dedicated fully to all types of pretty packaging and wrapping supplies, sorted by colour and type. But for now, here are my favourite simple and affordable picks to make your thoughtful packages and gifts stand out.