DIY: Pom Pom Garland



Garlands instantly take a party up a notch, especially when they're homemade. This pom pom one is a really easy one to make, requiring no special tools or skills (promise!). It'll make a big impact at your next event and you can reuse it again and again!


Wool in three colours (I choose monochromatic)



Large serving fork

Start wrapping wool around the fork in your first colour

When you've wrapped it around about 50 times or so, cut a small piece of wool, string it through the fork and tie it once at the top

Pull the wool off the fork and tighten the knot at tight as you can, making a second knot to reinforce

With your scissors, cut through all the loops on both sides

Fluff the wool around the sides and trim if needed. Make several more; I made 5 in each colour for my garland.

Take your needle (I used a large embroidery one) and thread it through one colour of wool. Using wool to string the pom poms help as opposed to string helps keep them from moving around too much on the garland.

Using the threaded needle, string the pom poms together spacing them a few inches apart and alterating colours.

Hang with tape at your next party!