I’ve been seeing flower walls everywhere! They are great for decorating baby showers, birthday parties, events, and even your home. They’re bright, colourful, and perfect for a spring DIY craft. This project takes few materials and only a couple short steps. You’ll have a killer wall in no time! You can use real or fake flowers, but my secret to this project is using fake flowers; they look just as pretty and your DIY flower wall will last forever. Have fun with this—start blooming and happy spring



  • Real or fake flowers
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape
  • A wall



Step 1: Gather all of your flowers and cut off a good amount of the stems, leaving a few centimetres.

Step 2: Take any cute patterned or colourful washi tape and cut 2-3 cm strips. They may vary in size for more of a “messy” look. Cut a strip for every flower! 


Step 3: Take your pieces of tape and stick your flowers to a wall. It’s that simple! 


You can make your flower wall as small or big as you want. Play around with designs—it doesn’t have to be in a rectangle. Have fun!

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Images: Leila Lewis