3 Spring Time Family Excursions That Won’t Break The Bank

The weekend is here and so is the warm weather of course now you can’t remember any of the activities you wanted to do when you were stuck in doors. This happens to me all the time.

During the winter I come up with all sorts of awesome excursions that I want to plan for my family as soon as the weather turns nice, but once the temperature starts to rise I forget them all. Lately I’ve taken to keeping a list, of course that only works if I don’t lose the list, or use the back of it for the shopping list and then throw it out. Well, this year I managed to keep hold of the list and I thought I would share 3 day trips I didn’t forget and  am for sure going to do now that the weather is warmer.

1. Park to Park

This is something I remember when I was younger. We basically spent a whole day my mum, dad and I and went to all the parks within an hour of us. As a little kid it was so cool. We would head out in the morning and start at the closest park, spend an hour or so and then move on to the next. I am going to make a memory book with my kids this year. At each park I am going to have them pick their favourite thing and I’ll take a picture of them doing it.  Then when we get home we’ll put it into a scrapbook so they can remember their park to park day.

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2.Beach (or River or Lake or Creek)

Heading off to the beach for the day is a great way to spend some family time outdoors. Even if it’s not swimming weather yet, there are so many activities fit for the beach. From building sand castles, to searching for shells, taking a walk or throwing around a Frisbee, the beach offers an infinite number of distractions and games. One activity my kids love to do at the beach is have their dad create an obstacle course for them. We use sand toys, chairs, blankets and then they have to scoot through it as we time them. This is also a great activity to do at home.

3. Neighbourhood Walk

If you live near the bush, even better, but for most of us a street walk gets us outside, enjoying being together as a family. Challenge your family to walk every street in your suburb this spring (it’s a big task, but doable for most). You’ll see new parts of your suburb and enjoy the spring gardens you pass along the way. Add some excitement one or two nights a week by grabbing some torches and hitting some streets after dark. The kids love this one and it’s perfect for spring because by summer it gets late way too late.

What do you enjoy getting out and about to do?

More ideas for fun family activities:

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