Mum Confessions

Am I the Only Mum Spending Money On Herself?

You’ve seen the Facebook memes spread far and wide — maybe you’ve even shared one yourself. The ones about the mums who look a hot mess at all times and are physically incapable of treating themselves to anything because the dear children are both demanding and deserving. The ones about mothers who do take time […]


The Many Moods Of A Work-At-Home Mum

While I’m fortunate to be a work-at-home mum, each day is a roller coaster of emotions. There is no divide between my life as a mum and my career and every move I make is is a multi-tasking miracle. Stressful, much? You bet. Here’s what my average day is like: It’s 6:30 am, and my […]


Aren’t We All Better Than Wine-Themed T-Shirts?

Photo Credit: Groupon I’ve been a championship shopper since 8th grade. My best friend and I would be dropped off at the mall on Saturday, while her mum worked at Sears. Yes, Sears. That’s how long ago I was in 8th grade. We’d swing by 5-7-9, Gap, and Delia’s. Told ya I was old. We’d […]

21 Things

21 Things I Definitely Do Not Recall Putting in My Handbag

Graduating from functional nappy bags to their way-cuter cousin the handbag has a way of making mums feel like they’ve successfully leveled-up in parenting. You can finally step up style-wise, getting around with the bare necessities in something fashionable instead of a fugly, many-pocketed beast bursting with sherpa-level just-in-casies. You think you’re finally free, finally […]


When Your Child With Autism Starts School

Enrolling your autistic child in school is so much different than your general education kiddo. You’ll enter a whole new world of teachers, therapist and acronyms. When my daughter started school I felt like I had just entered a foreign county. There were new people and all kinds of terms I had never heard before. […]