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The Importance of Teaching Kids Manners

Teaching kids manners today is more important than ever. Why? Because of the tech-driven society, many kids are losing the ability to develop social skills. By staring at their phones and screens all day, looking someone in the eyes and interacting with them in a polite way just doesn’t come naturally.  A child who never […]


5 Tips to Making a Blended Family Work

Merging two families into one is no easy task. It requires patience and effort from all parents and kids, no matter how old they are.  It can take several years, or more, for stepfamilies to find a groove that is comfortable for everyone. The first years can be especially difficult. Not only is welcoming a new […]


5 Ways To Get Your Kids to Take Their Medicine

When your child is sick (and it seems like they are always sick), you want to do anything you can to make them feel better quickly. But trying to get your kid to take medicine can usually result in tears (theirs OR yours), cough syrup on bedding and pyjamas, soggy pills on the floor, gagging […]


Five Ways To Teach Young Kids Responsibility

Teaching young kids responsibility is easier in theory than in practice. However, while raising responsible children takes some figuring out, it’s not impossible. So how do we raise our kids to take responsibility for their choices and their impact on the world? Here’s what you need to teach your kid about tasks, consequences, investing, accomplishments and […]


5 Rules to Keep Your Household Running Smoothly

We talk a lot about baby proofing our houses to make them safe for our little ones – because it’s important and all precautions should be taken. But what about kid-proofing our houses to make cleaning easier? Sure – it’s not a safety factor but it is a sanity factor. With three kids and pets, […]

car accident

How A Car Accident Changed My View of Motherhood

Car accidents don’t announce themselves. So, when my family and I found ourselves face to face with a real emergency situation on our hands, I was surprised to learn a few things like how fierce my reaction would be, and how lucky we ultimately were. In the backseat of our SUV sat our two boys […]