With some help from a Tampa, Florida, 911 dispatcher, an 8-year-old girl helped her mother deliver her newborn brother at home while waiting for paramedics to arrive. The mum, Krystle Garcia, went into labour at home Monday morning and her daughter placed the 911 call for help. The dispatcher alerted the paramedics, but they weren't able to get there before the baby started to arrive.

Jazmine McEnaney told the dispatcher that her mum was pregnant and her water had just broken, saying that her mum was in "so much pain." While Jazmine and her mum were on the phone with 911, the baby started to emerge.

The dispatcher expertly talked Jazmine and her mother through the delivery of the baby, a boy — Joseph James Snyder — during the eight-minute call, with Jazmine calmly relaying the dispatcher's instructions, fetching towels and other necessary items, and securing the baby's head as he emerged.

When paramedics rushed in a few minutes later, mum and baby were transferred to the hospital, where they were checked out and reported to be fine. Garcia says that Jazmine stayed calm when she needed to.

"I was hysterical, but she handled the situation like a pro," says Garcia.