How To Save Money On Halloween

Save Money On Halloween

Halloween seems like a low cost holiday at first glance. Grab a costume, some sweets and maybe buy a bag of apples to bob for. If you are a parent though, you know Halloween can get expensive very quickly if you aren't careful!

Here are some tips to save some money this Halloween:

  1. Coupon! Coupon! Coupon!-Use a coupon for your Halloween costumes. Use a coupon for your sweets. 
  2. Check out the discount shop. Name brand sweets for $1 a bag. Can't go wrong with that!
  3. Trick or Treat locally. Don't drive all over town. Go to a few houses nearby and enjoy the exercise. 
  4. Make your own costume using items from around the house.
  5. Don't go cheap on decorations. If you enjoy decorating for Halloween (or any holiday for that matter!), purchase decorations that will last year to year and store them carefully. (The best time to buy decorations is a day or so AFTER the holiday is completed. You can expect to save 75-90%!.)
  6. DIY Halloween decorations. My kids and I have had a ton of fun working on fun projects to decorate our home with for Halloween!
  7. Instead of buying pumpkins at pumpkin patches, save your money and go to your nearest supermarket. You'll save at least 50% buying from a supermarket. 
  8. Either don't give out sweets at all, or decide you will only give out sweets until a certain time. Only open one bag of sweets at a time, so you can return the excess if you have any. There's no law that states you have to be available to hand out sweets until 10pm. 
  9. Go to a local Trick or Boot gathering or see if your local mall has something special for trick or treaters. This is safer then door to door trick or treating and since you aren't home, you won't have to spend money on sweets to hand out. 
  10. Finally, just enjoy yourself. Take tons of pictures and remember that it's not always about money. Memories are worth a bit of extravagance from time to time.

What are your tips for keeping Halloween reasonably priced?