DIY: Watercolour Gift Tags + Watercolour Tips



Looking for new ways to make gift-giving special? Whether your wrapping up a present for Mother's Day, Christmas, a birthday, or any other reason, you want to pay attention to the details so your gift-recipient knows how special she is. The gorgeous DIY Waterclor Gift Tags add the perfect touch, Learn how to make them.


  • watercolour paints
  • paint brush
  • paper tags (or punch/cut pieces of paper)
  • string
  • scissors

Watercolour Gift Tags Materials


Step 1: I always rinse out my watercolours before getting starting on a new project. My four year old love to mix up the colours, so if little fingers have been messing with your watercolours, you may want to do the same.

Watercolour Gift Tags - Step 1

Step 2: Dampen the paper tags with water before adding colour; this will make the colours lighter and less intense. Do this by dipping your brush in water and swirling it onto the tags.

Watercolour Gift Tags - Step

Step 3: Add colour slowly with the brush; move the clor around the tag with your brush while it's still wet

Watercolour Gift Tags - Step

Step 4:Try making gradients of colours that gradually blend together. Do this by painting one colour at a time and then adding water throughout so the colours bleed into each other.

Wwatercolor Gift Tags - Step

Step 5: Make another gift tag in one colour that fades, making the colour vibrant and saturated at one end of the tag, slowly fading and becoming lighter toward the other end of the tag. This effect comes from adding a high concentration of colour at one end, and then painting on stripes of water (without additional colour) making the colour fade.

Watercolour Gift Tags - Step

Step 6: Make another tag with splashes of colour. Do this by dropping dots of colour; wait for the colour to dry partially and then adding water all over the tag.

Watercolour Gift Tags - Step

Step 7: Allow the tags to dry completely before attaching to your gifts

Watercolour Gift Tags - Step

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