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Elf on the Shelf Is Now A Live Musical Show

Love him or hate him, Elf on the Shelf has become a ubiquitous fixture of holiday merch. With millions of these eavesdropping, shenanigan causing, stuffed elves sitting on mantles and kitchen counters across the country, parents have turned an over-night sensation into a family tradition. And now that tradition will include a live musical show. […]


Women’s History Month: Meet Rose McInerney

March is National Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the achievements and contributions women have made to society. For an entire thirty-one days, we highlight and salute women who are making strides and shattering norms. This Women’s History Month, we’re taking a look at some everyday mums who inspire us. They are truly powerful, […]


22 Amazing DIY jelly crystals Crafts for Kids

Sure, jelly crystals is meant for drinking (I should know; I swigged my fair share of it as a kid). But let’s explore the powdered packets’ full potential, shall we? I’m talking DIY jelly crystals crafts for kids. With minimal supplies—and ones you probably already have on hand—you and your kids can create some amazing, colourful, and […]


What’s New For The Family on Nickelodeon 2019

Nickelodeon is widely known for programs to entertain kids and the family at large. True to form, Nickelodeon is at it again with a slew of new programming. Most noteworthy, this is their largest content slate to date with the intention of being multi-cultural and family-focused. So, what are they? Will the kids like it? […]


Kids In Marriage – Surviving And Thriving With Them

Kids in marriage used to be the norm. But, in 2018, the number of married couples in the U.S. who have children under eighteen hit a 56 year low, according to the US Census Bureau. While there are many factors contributing to this decline, one thing is sure. More couples are consciously deciding not to […]


12 Cool STEM Projects To Exercise Your Kid’s Brain This Summer

If your kids are like mine, they’re so ready for the first week of summer.  But by week 2, boredom has already set in and they start fighting and begging for screen time.. And every year I vow to be more organised about our summer activities before this happens, but I’m juggling working from home, […]


Make This DIY EOS Lip Balm in Less Than 30 Minutes

My 7-year-old daughter is a collector of sorts. Her most prized possessions consist of gemstones (aka ordinary playground rocks), more Shopkins than she knows what to do with, seashells, used gift cards, and empty EOS lip balm containers. Turns out that it’s worked to both of our benefit that she can’t part with the brightly […]