This Is What I Want Out Of A Momcation

Last week I took a plane to a big city I had never been to for a super exciting work trip. When I arrived at my destination, I had hours until I had to do the work thing; if you can call hanging out with other mother writers and getting pampered work. I was talking […]


Parenting Advice: Love Your Children

A new mum on my mums’ board asked the members for a list of their favourite parenting books. Suggestions flew in while I sat at my keyboard and wondered if Erma Bombeck and Bill Cosby—the parenting “experts” of my youth—counted.


Tips for Flying With Kids

I have single mum friends who travel with their kids all the time. They jet across continents and oceans with nary a blink. I have married mum friends who kiss their husbands goodbye and fly internationally with their small ones in tow, their travel routine down pat.


Easy Teacher’s Gifts

Last year, I lucked out. The class mum sent a little note home with all the kids asking each parent to chip in what they could and to add a cute little picture to be coloured in. This year, I’m on my own. I’ve compiled a list of a few easy, fun gifts for the teachers […]