TV Shows and Movies to Watch with Your Tweens

When you’re a movie lover and fan of great TV, nothing is more exciting than raising kids who appreciate this kind of screen time as much as you do.  Thankfully, the film and television industry has made many kid movies more palatable to parents via clever writing and wit, but the day will come before […]

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14 Halloween Kids’ Movies to Stream Right Now

I’m not ready for Halloween, but my kids sure are. They’re tossing pumpkins into my supermarket cart, trying their costumes on daily and begging for candy corn, hoping it counts as a vegetable. As if! So how do I feed their insatiable Halloween hunger before the big day? With Halloween movies, of course. They’re chock […]


12 Life-Changing Mum MomentsSponsored content

I just watched a screener of Life Itself from our sponsor Amazon. Perks of the job, you guys, I can’t complain. What drew me in right off the bat was the empathetic lead. We drop into the storyline after he has experienced painful tragedy, and he’s struggling with his own identity and mortality. Will (Oscar […]


10 Reasons Why Lady Bird Is The Defining Coming Of Age Story For Millennials

Following the tradition of great coming of age movies of the ’80s and ’90s, Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut Lady Bird is a masterclass in nuance. Taking some of the sub-genre’s most well worn character and story tropes – the overbearing mother, misguided teenage romance – Gerwig subtly re-imagines and updates them, adding complexity and layers, […]