How I’m Coping with a Newborn When I’ve Also Got Young Kids

There is no denying that the first few months after having a baby are tough, but when you’ve already got another child (or two!) to look after it’s a whole different ball game!  We welcomed our third son a little over four months ago and we also have a three and four-year-old. Prior to our baby’s arrival […]


6 Tips for Introducing Siblings Without Tears

So a new baby is on the way, let the celebrations go wild!, However when I was expecting my second baby I know my toddler wasn’t at all ready to join in the festivities. Matter of fact, he was downright miserable at the thought of a new sibling on the way. While it was tempting […]


A Guide to Baby Gifts that Mums Actually Want

When a new baby hits town, it’s so tempting to pile on the presents along with the good wishes. But what do new mums actually want to receive? Of course baby gifts are always appreciated, but there are some things that I know I loved receiving far more than others. Gifts that were useful, clever or an […]