Have You Heard of Infant Cocooning?

In a “new” trend described by the New York Post, some parents are “cocooning” their newborns by keeping them away from friends and family in the first weeks of life in order to form a better bond as a family. The NY Post article describes how parents are using the first few weeks of a […]


29 Beautiful Name Ideas for Summer Babies

Ah, sweet summertime. Once upon a time, the season brought the scent of tanning oil and feel of the hot sand under your feet. Now it brings always-hungry kids and a line around the block to get an iced coffee. For some of us, it also brings summer babies. Precious little bundles wrapped in muslin […]


5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cradle Cap

If you have noticed dry, flaky or scaly patches on your baby’s head, it may be a case of cradle cap (also referred to as seborrhoeic dermatitis or crib cap). There’s no reason to panic, though – cradle cap is very common among new babies and it isn’t harmful at all. It’s also important to […]