Trying to Conceive

11 Factors that Affect Your Fertility

Whether you’re just thinking about having a baby or have already started trying, it’s important to keep in mind that many factors affect the odds of your getting pregnant and becoming a parent. Some of these fertility factors are easy to control, others may require the help of a doctor or health-care professional. Read on […]

Trying to Conceive

8 Ways to Test for Ovulation

When you’re ready to start trying, the word “test” quickly works its way into your daily vocabulary. If you’re not taking pregnancy tests, you’re taking ovulation tests—and your emotions are tested to the max. Ovulation indicates your fertile time of the month; these are the days when you should be trying to conceive.

Trying to Conceive

From IVF To Pregnancy-My Story Part 5

Eggs and Embryos. If you’ve been following my IVF story, you’ll know I’m now at the point in trying to conceive, I’ve started the stimming medication, which is what we hoped would prompt my embryos to produce plenty of follicles, yielding a decent number of eggs to be fertilised into viable embryos.