Review: Gumigem Teething Jewellery (Exclusive Discount)

Before I had my baby I loved wearing jewellery, especially pendants, but once she was able to grab and pull things I had to stop. I have recently had the chance to test out and review a Gumigem necklace and bangle, which are essentially teethers in disguise as stylish jewellery!  The pieces I chose were the […]


Favourite Online Sites To Purchase Wine

If you are like me, shopping online is sometimes the only shopping you have time for. Not only do I shop for my household and family necessities online, I also shop for wine online. There are fantastic deals out there on all types of Since I live in California, BevMo is one of my favourite […]


How to Use Pinterest

Perhaps you’ve heard about it. Perhaps you’re already addicted to it. Or perhaps you’re totally new to the idea. Regardless of your level of expertise we’ll show you how to use Pinterest in the article below.


Purchasing a Jogging Stroller That Is Right for You

Congratulations on your new baby! Now that those first six (or more) weeks are under your belt, you are ready to start whittling your waistline. Walking or jogging are smart and easy ways to get back into the cardio routine slowly, and they a wonderful way to bond with your little one.