I Like My Kids Better When They Aren’t Together

I remember leaving the house for the first time after becoming a mother. It was just me and the baby. I was carrying no less that 40 pounds of baby gadgets and “just in case” items. The nappy bag looked more like luggage for a long-term vacation than a quick trip to Target. We’d been gone […]


The Love-Hate Relationship Between Sisters

My daughters are three and one-half years apart. My sister and I are three years apart. When I found out I was having a girl the second time around (and with two ultrasounds to prove the sex of my baby) I was elated! And when my OB told me the good news she also chuckled […]


What I’ve Learned 10 Years After Having Kids Close In Age

Eight years ago, while watching my two 1-year-olds do their best to make their slow trek upstairs last the entire day, a startling thought crossed my mind. All the symptoms I’d attributed to weaning were also telltale signs of pregnancy. Later that week I left my doctor’s office holding onto a double stroller and an […]