Ashley Merrill

Ashley Merrill was born in Plano, Texas, but moved to California (where she still resides) at the age of 4 (She credits her birthplace for her aggressive love for BBQ). Thanks to her love of "Ally McBeal," she had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer; but, after undergrad at UCLA, she learned what the job really entailed and headed to culinary school instead. After school and some stints in the venture capital world, she launched and ran She left the site in 2011 to get her MBA, start a family, and to launch her own business. In 2012, she founded Lunya, a company dedicated to making sleepwear that makes women look and feel phenomenal between the sheets. As a business owner, wife to an entrepreneurial husband, and mum to 2-year-old Linken and 6-month-old Vesper, her hands are certainly full these days! 

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