Sweet Potato Macaroni And Cheese – A Healthy Orange Cheesy Pasta

Mac and cheese. It’s one of those kids foods that never fails to please. But, how can we make it healthier? Basically, by not making the one that comes in a box. Although the producers make claims about it being healthier than before, it’s still shelf life food and that can’t be good. This sweet […]


Top Tips For Packing A Quick, Healthy Lunchbox

Over the course of the primary school years you are going to pack around 1200 lunches per child. That’s an incredible number of lunchboxes! So the best thing you can do is get organised and have some tips and tricks up your sleeve for making them quickly. These are my 6 top tips for packing […]


How To Treat The First Signs Of Head LiceSponsored content

We all dread it, but the good news is if head lice is going around you don’t have to worry! I’ve put together this easy guide on how to treat the first signs of head lice. We’ve all been there. The kids come home with itchy heads, or complain that it feels like something is […]


Get Informed. Everything A Parent Needs To Know About Head LiceSponsored content

This post with everything you need to know about head lice is sponsored by MOOV Unless you are incredibly lucky, your kids will probably get head lice during their time at school. We’ve all had it once! I’ve been a teacher, and we used to regularly inspect kids’ hair in one of the schools I […]


This Roasted Veggie and Bacon Pasta Bake is Easy Peasy & Extra CheesySponsored content

This roasted veggie and bacon pasta bake is sponsored by Heinz and their new range of pasta sauces, but all thoughts and opinions including recipe ideas and meal suggestions are my own. This recipe also appears on Kidgredients. Weeknight meals don’t have to be tricky- this roasted veggie and bacon pasta bake is easy to make […]


Weeknight Cooking Made Easy: Broccoli & Chicken Cheesy LasagneSponsored content

This recipe also appears on Kidgredients I’m going to be honest, lasagne for me is tricky as a midweek meal when I make it with mince and veggies and sauces and fresh pasta, but it’s such a kid favourite! So I’m glad to cheat with this recipe, as the kids love it and it means […]


Make Weeknight Cooking Easy With This Delish Homemade Veal Parmigiana RecipeSponsored content

This recipe also appears on Kidgredients I’m all about making weeknight meals easier and this dish does just that! My special veal parmigiana is set to become a family favourite and is all about cheating where you can to make an amazing family meal. I don’t know about you, but the rules for weeknight dinners […]


Banana Cupcakes (And Family Giggles) With ‘Despicable Me 3’

When it comes to having family fun, and escaping the everyday, you can’t go past those cute little minions and the villainous Gru! So, settle down, bake some banana cupcakes (minions love bananas) and enjoy the movie. We first became Minion-obsessed in our house when we went to the movies to see Minions. They are […]


How To Pack A Healthy Bento LunchboxSponsored content

Bento lunches aren’t all about Pinterest perfection, they are about offering a wide selection of healthy options to your kids. Sure, you can cute them up with shaped eggs and vegetables cut into shapes if you have the time and inclination, but it’s not essential. Here, I’ve made a healthy bento lunchbox with brown rice sushi […]


Wholesome Breakfast Pikelets 3 WaysSponsored content

Breakfast is such a tricky meal.  It’s the one meal where it becomes easy to grab a breakfast cereal or throw some bread in the toaster. But it doesn’t need to be like that. I’m going to show you how quick and easy it can be to make pikelets that are: freezable, wholesome and kid-friendly. […]


Making Time For Quality TimeSponsored content

As a family, we love to spend quality time together and we make an effort to do so. It’s so important for the emotional, physical and psychological well-being of our kids to spend quality time together whenever we can. With the busy lives we lead, it can sometimes be hard to find time for it, […]


11 Sandwich-Free Lunch Box Ideas

My son isn’t much of a sandwich fan, he’ll eat one, but it isn’t his favourite thing. As a result, I’ve become very creative when packing the lunches.