Magda Pecsenye

Magda PecsyneMagda Pecsenye the founder of, has an unusual combination of empathy and analytic skills that lets her help people troubleshoot their issues in ways that are meaningful. She specializes in helping people take apart their problems and put them back together in a way that feels good so they can figure out what to do in a way that honours who they are.

She was a married SAHM, then a married freelance mum, then a divorcing WOHM, then a divorced WOHM. She also writes a blog about co-parenting with ex-husband, Doug French. Their two boys were born in 2002 and 2005, and the divorce was final in 2008. They lived in NYC for 15 years, but moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2011 and now live four blocks from each other.

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