Important Things I Never Appreciated About My Mum Until I Became a Mother

I am a horrible human being. If a low-order life form could ooze its way out of the fecal specimen of a gutter rat specifically to “tut tut” at me for being a truly shitty person, it would.  Twenty three years ago I did a monumentally heinous thing – I composed a hate poem for […]


Conversations I Don’t Want to Have with My Kids

I still remember the first time I learnt the world was a brutal place, and that human beings can be unspeakably cruel to each other. I was sitting at my teacher’s feet as she read a picture book about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Until then, the only thing I knew about Easter was that […]

Mum Confessions

An Open Letter to the Colleague Who Stole My Work

If you’ve ever had your ideas stolen by a colleague and presented as their own work – or they’ve taken the credit for something you have done – you’ll know that it’s a really weird headspace to be in. It inspires a rapid-fire gamut of emotions that cycles through shock, denial, anger, more anger, desire […]