The Pregnancy Glow Is a Myth We Need to Stop Perpetuating

Swollen ankles and raging heartburn aside, pregnancy does have its perks. There’s the obvious payoff at the end: a chubby-cheeked baby who you can mold in your own image and train to love you unconditionally. Plus, a baby bump is like a Fast Pass for bathroom lines that doubles as a get-out-of-weekend-plans-free card. Then there’s […]

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I Found Out Exactly What Was in My Breast Milk

I have what some might consider a morbid curiosity about what’s going on in my body. I’d jump at the chance to have 24/7 access to an x-ray machine or to be able to track my body’s most microscopic inner-workings the way some people monitor their steps and calorie intake. So when my doctor offered me […]


21 Things Only Mums Who Pump at Work Know

You probably never thought you’d be sitting ta-tas out just a wall away from your boss, but here you are, diligently subjecting yourself to the tiny torture-device better known as a breast pump in the name of feeding your child that sweet, sought-after breast milk. The things we do for our kids, amirite? Whether your […]