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Baby Products Celebrity Mums Love (And You Will Too)

Let’ face it – whether we are dealing with toddlers, preschoolers or even tweens, mums are more at ease when they know the products we’re purchasing come highly rated or recommended. And this is especially true when it comes to newborns and babies. So when we see photos of well-known parents who can buy the best of the best toting gear around we want to know what it is.

Look, we are all superstar mums even if we walk around in the same yoga pants for eight days straight and we don’t have hired help changing nappys for us so why shouldn’t we have some of the most useful products that celebrities swear by? Sure, some are ridiculously expensive but some of them…not so much. After all, even celebrity mums like Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Duff need nappys pails and breast pumps that actually work.

From baby carriers to strollers to toddler shoes, we put together a list of all the baby products celebrity mums and dads love. And surprise! Some of these amazing finds are even bargain-priced!

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