gold star photos

I love a good DIY, especially when it’s gold. I made a some DIY gold star magnets for my daughter’s room similar to these Pottery Barn PB Teen Emily + Meritt Gold Star Magnets. These magnetic gold stars are not only a beautiful piece of room décor, but they are also practical because my daughter can hang photos, notes, and special memorabilia from it. While my daughter loves this star shape, you can turn any piece of wood into a DIY magnetic board with this easy tutorial.

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  • Star (Most of the metal ones I found were 3D, so I opted for a flat wooden star. You can find stars like this at Spotlight and Lincraft.)
  • Magnetic paint (try Bunnings or any specialty paint shop)
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • Sandpaper or orbital sander
  • Magnets
  • Foam paintbrush
  • Gloves


Step 1: The star I found to use had a rough texture. I wanted the surface of my star to be smooth, so I put on my onion goggles for eye protection and used my orbital sander to sand the surface until smooth. It took about three minutes of sanding. You can also use sandpaper and lots of elbow grease and time.

wood star black white stripes

Step 2: Put on gloves and stir the magnetic paint until smooth. (It’s heavy to stir, so be sure to stir it well so it works well.)

Step 3: Paint the star with magnetic paint. I did four coats of the magnetic paint, with thirty minutes between each coat. The paint is a deep charcoal colour. Wait four hours to spray the spray paint colour.

Step 4: Spray the star with gold spray paint. The more coats of gold paint, the less magnetic the star will be, so I did two light coats and the magnets work great.

gold star black white stripes

Step 5: Hang with Command strips, and choose cute photos, tickets or notes to hang from the star.

gold star photos

gold star photos

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