We have an obscene amount of cereal boxes in our home, and they typically end up in the recycling bin once we empty them—until I discovered some amazingly fun cereal box projects for the kids (and myself). And these cereal box projects aren’t crafts simply for the sake of recycling or trinkets I just hand off to the grandparents. They’re crafts I’ll actually use. (Case in point: check out the super-handy cereal box drawer organizer and too-cute-to-toss gift tags). Plus, many of these cereal box crafts require minimal effort and supplies.

Want to keep your minis busy and get rid of that enormous pile of empty cereal boxes you have stacked up? Let these easy cereal box project ideas inspire you. Whether you’re a crafting rookie or a total pro, these clever cereal box projects will keep your kids busy creating something that you won’t be tempted to chuck in the recycling bin.

More Amazing Recycled Craft Ideas:

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14 Recycled Cereal Box Projects That You Won’t Want to Trash