Mummy Time 8/22: Kids Do TV Shows & More Reads For Dog Days

We get it: You’ve got lots going on! So, in our Mummy Time column, we compile fun and fascinating reads to help you make the most of your “you” time.

Kids Reenact Emmy-Nominated TV Shows (

Mum Jeans are Back. (No Joke.) Remember Them? (Red Tricycle) 

Permission to Parent (Modern Mum)

 My Abortion At 17 Still Haunts Me  (YourTango) 

Sorry, Anti-Vaxxers, But This Doctor Says You’re Abusing Your Kids (Mummy...)


More juicy goodness: 

Tea Is Dinner? Baffled by British Speak

30 Homemade Ice Creams to Stay Cool This Summer

My Son Gave Up His Dummy and I’m the Wreck

Lauren Bacall Was Also a Single Mum, Like Me

Eclipse’s Watermelon Martini Recipe


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