How Celebrity Mums Are Enjoying Summer (Without the Kids!)

Loving summer? These celeb mums are. Check out how some of our favourite mums on Instagram are making the most of a little “me” time with some fun in the sun.

Carrie Underwood

The country crooner posted this sweet summer photo with the caption, “Vacation selfie. #IKnowImLame”  Actually, she had baby Isaiah less than four months ago and she’s already in a swimmers. Not lame at all, Carrie!


Holiday selfie. #IKnowImLame

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Hilary Duff

The “Younger” star takes a break from the heat to share this adorable photo. She writes, “It was a hot one folks @lowenban dubie and I panting up a storm”  Too cute.

Katherine Heigl

The blonde beauty (and our March 2015 guest editor) is incredibly close to her fam. While hanging out with her sis, she posted this pic, with the caption: “Just heard it’s National Sibling Day! Here’s one for my best friend and favourite sister @meg239ct love ya, ya silly fartknocker!!”  So what’s a fartknocker, Katherine?


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The movie star mum starts summer off just the way most of us want to, with a cocktail. She says, “#HumpDayHappyHour #GingerNinja Why not…..?  @sophielopez”  Why not is right!