18 Most Inspiring Celebrity Mums & Daughters of All Time

There is something so sacred about the mother-daughter bond, stemming from the first snuggles into the land of secrets, pedicures, and, of course, big fights. Less than a year into being a mum of my own little girl, I’m learning already what a powerful role model I am for her. Girl-mums figure out early that we have to demonstrate strength, conviction and compassion to teach our daughters how to succeed. After all, they do as we do. 

For many in the spotlight, raising smart, independent daughters seems to come naturally (although, let’s be honest, we know it’s a ton of work!). Whether following in their mothers’ footsteps or branching out to expand upon their own dreams, the daughters of some of our favourite celebrity mums have accomplished so much — thanks to the support and teachings of their mums. Here are our favorite celebrity mums and daughters of all time.


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