What it Feels Like to Get Extra TV Time, According to Kids

I’d love to tell you that my kids don’t watch a whole lot of TV. Yeah, I wish it were true. The reality is though that I’m a work-from-home mum of twins, without childcare, and I often need to use TV as a babysitter. I also have very rambunctious 4-year-old boys and sometimes it’s the only thing that can help them to settle down. So, in a pinch, TV is like a saviour to me. Still, I do try to cap their screen time, limiting it to just half an hour in the morning, and about an hour in the afternoon.

I’ll tell you though, on those rainy afternoons when I’m exhausted and kind of feel like reading a book, all of my good intentions go flying out the window! Suddenly, it’s like I’m running a movie theatre, gifting my kids hours in front of that hypnotic screen, treating them to popcorn and strawberry smoothies. On those days when I announce that it’s “movie afternoon!” my kids go nuts, screaming, “YAY! YAY! YAY YAY YAY! Can we watch THREE shows? How about TEN shows?” Then, once the excitement has died down, they cosy up under a blanket with their snacks and blissfully zone out.

I’ll admit, it’s pretty cute. So I wanted to find out if other kids get as psyched as my kids do about bonus screen time. Spoiler alert: Duh! Here’s what some adorable entertainment enthusiasts had to say about getting extra TV…

“TV is better than anything. It’s better than all my toys! It’s better than cake! Better than pizza! When I get to watch a whole movie and a show it’s very, very, very, very, fun. It’s my favourite. No, no, my favourite is TV with pizza!” –Miles T., 4

“Yesterday, it was raining so Mummy let us watch 100 shows. No, no, no, we watched 1000 shows! I loved it!” –Janie, 3

“Mummy always says just two shows after nap, but if she falls asleep then I do even more shows with the remote control. That makes me feel so good. It’s okay, I’m allowed.” –Natalie, 3

“More TV is much better for me because it helps me to relax my body.” –Jonah, 5

“When I get to watch more TV, it makes me feel so good I dance up in the air!” –Stella, 4

“If there was no TV, I would be sad and it would be no fair. I need more TV time than my Mum.” –Hunter, 5

“When I can watch as much TV as I want, it feels super good!” –Cece B

“When Mummy says I can watch one more show it makes me happy because I know that I’m being a good boy and that Mummy is so proud of me.” –Daniel B, 4

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