10 Brilliant Aussie Children’s Authors Your Kids Will Love

Some kids find it really hard to pick up a book and just read – other kids find it impossible to stop. Each type of kid is equally challenging from a parenting perspective, because finding the right book can be such hard work. You’ve got one kid rejecting every book you suggest, while the other is constantly saying he’s run out of books and needs more books and why aren’t there enough books in the world?

Enter The Book Series. A book series is just a fantastic way to encourage a reluctant-reader to keep going and equally good at feeding big-reader habits too. There is nothing quite like finding a book your child loves and realising there are another 8 books in the series, ready to go.

One of our favourite authors is A.L. Tait whose series The Mapmaker Chronicles is out now. The story is about a reluctant boy who is part of an epic race to map the world back when everyone thought that if they sailed too far they would fall off the edge. As you can imagine, the series is packed full of adventure, fun characters, humour and mystery, but it’s also a quiet story about doing big things, even when you’re small and scared.

We’ve chosen A.L. Tait among 11 other Aussie children’s authors who are writing books that kids love to read. These authors’ series range from fantasy to mystery, from early readers to upper middle-grade, and from stand-alone stories to sensational series. Look for these authors at your local bookstore or online.

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11 Brilliant Aussie Authors