21 Reasons Why You Should Let Life Surprise You

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Plans are easy—and kind of fun—to make. It’s so tempting to try and control the trajectory of our lives by making as many of them as possible. Where we’ll go to school. When we’ll start looking for a forever love. When to have a kid or two or whichever precise number fits into the equation. Work. House. Travel. Hobbies. Retirement. Exacting detail after exacting detail.

It feels safer this way, creating a plan to ensure we live a happy, structured life. While hanging your expectations on a framework of hope is a comfortable way to keep moving forward, life doesn’t always agree to our terms. It prefers to keep us on our toes. Sure, things might not go exactly how we planned, but the end result can be a beautiful thing.

In the upcoming movie “Life Itself” by master of heartstring-pulling, “This is Us” creator Dan Fogelman, a surprising moment sets in motion a series of changes in the lives of those who were there. The outcome is a multigenerational love story that shows us why we should release the reins and let life surprise us. Here are some other reasons why we should all heed that advice.

21 Reasons Why You Should Let Life Surprise You

  1. When you learn to let go, it gives you the freedom to grasp all the good that blows your way.
  2. Surprises reveal how you truly feel, which can be eye-opening.
  3. They could lead you to your true home.
  4. They could lead you to inner peace.
  5. They could lead you to your passion.
  6. They could lead you to the love of your life, like the couple in “Life Itself” who found one another on a city footpath.
  7. Saying “yes” usually results in a lot more smiles than “no.”
  8. Once you get used to being surprised, you just might start surprising yourself.
  9. You might bond with a family member you weren’t close to before.
  10. A new beloved pet might wander into your arms.
  11. You could learn a new skill or talent.
  12. You could discover a musician who speaks to your heart.
  13. You could accidentally become a helper, which feels really, really good.
  14. Even unfortunate experiences can lead you to something more beautiful than you were originally on a path towards.
  15. No one has ever been bummed out when seeing the beautiful results of flower seeds that bloomed someplace unexpected.
  16. The more of life’s ups and downs you allow yourself to experience, the more resilient you become.
  17. If you know everything that is going to happen, life would be boring.
  18. It might bring you lower than you thought you could handle.
  19. But it could also bring you higher than you ever imagined possible.
  20. It just might lead to the most important moment of your life
  21. You’ll be glad it happened.

For an emotional journey full of surprises, see “Life Itself” in theatres starting September 21st.