Eva Longoria Parker Chairs Fundraiser For Kids With Cancer

Eva Longoria Parker, Ken Paves, and Ashlee Simpson Wentz rally for kids with cancer.

Yesterday celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves held a "Pit Stop Rally" charity event for kids with cancer at his L.A. salon.  Ken is a member of the committee and close friend Eva is the honorary chairperson of this year's events. 

A number of celebrities turned out to help raise money for this great cause, including Ashlee Simpson Wentz (who also happens to be the sister to Ken's BFF Jessica Simpson).  Ken and Eva had a blast joining the kids in drawing with footpath chalk.  One brave woman even let Eva try her hand at cutting hair, under the watchful eye of Ken, of course. 

Eva Longoria Parker, sunglasses, gray tank top, gray jeans,

Ashlee Simpson Wentz yellow dress, flip flops, headband, brown purse