Former ‘RHOC’ Star Meghan King Edmonds Takes On Mum Shamers About ‘Rarely’ Clothing Her Daughter

Toddlers are like little bosses who rarely take direction. It’s in their DNA. My two-year-old daughter loves to wear nothing but her nappy and pirate hat these days no matter how much I insist that she get dressed. If I try to intervene then it generally means a lot of tears and clenched teeth for both of us. Former ‘Real Housewives’ star, Meghan King Edmonds knows what I am talking about, she posted a super cute image of her toddler daughter, two-year-old Aspen wearing nothing but her birthday suit to her Instagram stories. But before Edmonds let anyone criticise her parenting, she preemptively called out potential mummy shamers.

Former ‘Real Housewives’ Star, Meghan King Edmonds Takes on Mummy Shamers

Over the image of Aspen, Edmonds wrote, “She’s rarely clothed at home and I don’t discourage it. If my parenting makes you uncomfortable then please ask yourself ‘why?’” Mummy shamers, who love to ruin everything online with their crappy advice and holier than thou observations, have a long history of trolling celebrities.

Like that time mum shamers slammed Victoria Beckham because of her son’s tattoos.

Or that other time when Kim Kardashian was in the hot seat with mum shamers because she allows her daughter North to straighten her hair.

And who could forget the ridiculousness of the mum shamers who went after Chrissy Tiegen recently because she let Luna wear…wait for it…nail polish (GASP!)

Mums who pointedly go after other mums with the singular intent to mock and shame her for her parenting choices are just jerks. And for anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of a nasty comment about how you parents your kids, well, you’re in good company with these celebrities.

Until then, I am fist-bumping Edmonds because I too have a toddler who won’t get dressed and while it may be exceptionally frustrating at times, for me it’s about picking my battles and being forced to wear clothes at home just isn’t the hill that I want to die on. Rock on, mama!

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