DIY: Balloon Ping Pong Game

When the weather turns too cold for outdoor fun (and the rain sets in for what feels like weeks), it’s good to have a few indoor activities up your sleeve that don’t require too much setup or cause too much of a mess. The thought of cleaning up after paint and art supplies inside the house makes me break out in hives.

One of my go-to indoor activities for my son is balloon ping pong. What stats off as a no-mess craft project for my son turns into an afternoon of clean fun. Because the balloon travels so slowly it’s the perfect activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Here’s how to make and play balloon ping pong.


  • poster board
  • scissors
  • washi tape (optional)
  • big popsicle sticks
  • pencil
  • glue
  • balloon

Homemade Ping Pong Game - Materials


Step 1: Draw out your paddle shapes onto the poster board. I drew one and then traced it for the other so they would match up. You will want to make two paddles (each with two sides), so you’ll make four sides total.

Homemade Ping Pong Game - Step 1

Step 2: Cut out the paddle shapes.

Homemade Ping Pong Game - Step 2

Step 3: Sandwich the popsicle stick in between two sides with a healthy slathering of Mod Podge.  Make sure you cover all the edges really well; you want it as strong as possible.

Homemade Ping Pong Game - Step 3

Step 4 (optional): Now, it’s time to decorate! This part is totally optional, but so much fun. Let the kids design their own paddles.

Homemade Ping Pong Game - Step 4

Step 5: Once you are done decorating it’s time to play! If you’d like, fashion some kind of net to be really legit. But all you really need are your paddles, a balloon and a table. The rules are completely up to you!

Homemade Ping Pong Game - Step 5

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