DIY jelly crystals Dip Dye Party Favour Bags



Whenever I throw a party, I love to include a party favour for the kids to enjoy at home. The party favour changes based upon the party theme, but cute party favour bags are always needed! Dip dyeing fabric bags in jelly crystals is so quick and easy! For this DIY, I use the liquid drops—they are a bit easier to control the colour level, but powdered jelly crystals works great, too! Kool-Aid comes in a variety of colours, so pick your colour theme and make DIY jelly crystals dip dye favour bags in only a few minutes!



  • Cotton muslin bags
  • jelly crystals (liquid or powder form)
  • Container for dyeing
  • Surface area to dry



Step 1: Fill bowl with water and add your jelly crystals drops. The more you add, the darker the dye; the fewer drops you add, the lighter the dye.


Step 2: Dip bag in and let soak for a few minutes until you see your desired colour.

Step 3: Let dry.

Step 4: Add your candy treats and party favours to the bag!




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