DIY Monogrammed Travel Tote for Kids


Doing a little travelling with your kids this summer? Help them stay organised in style with a monogrammed travel tote bag that they can help monogram themselves! This project is quick & simple, and when it’s done, everyone in the family will have something that they can be proud to say they helped make. Use the tote for long car trips, as an airline carry on, or just for toting books to and from the library. And best of all, you can customize shapes and colours for the whole family!




  • plain canvas tote bag
  • craft paint
  • paintbrush
  • alphabet stickers
  • contact paper
  • printer and computer (optional)
  • scissors
  • pen


Step 1: Cut a shape out of your contact paper. If you’d like the shape to be very precise, we recommend printing the shape, cutting it out, tracing onto the contact paper, and then cutting the contact paper. If you’d like a more organic shape, just draw directly onto the contact paper and cut out. Have kids help decide on the shape—they can cut it out themselves, too (using safety scissors for little ones)!


Step 2: Adhere the contact paper shape to the front center of the tote bag. In the center of the empty space within the contact paper, place alphabet stickers to create your child’s monogram. Press down on the stickers to ensure that they’re firmly adhered.


Step 3: Help your kiddos paint over the empty spaces. Use thin coats of paint with a light touch to be sure that paint doesn’t seep under the stickers or contact paper.


Step 4: Peel away the stickers and contact paper to reveal your shape and monogram! 


Step 5: Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Run the bag through a light wash if desired; lay flat to dry. Happy traveling!


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