101 Cheap & Chic Dollar Store Crafts

When the weather is crappy outside and my kids are cooped up, there’s nothing I love more than that magical craft project that’ll truly keep my son happily entertained for a precious hour (OK, more like precious minutes. But hey, a parent can dream…). Craft supplies can get expensive though, and when we typically hit up the craft shop, I find myself limiting my son to just choosing one or two craft projects. It’s hard to justify these $15-20 craft projects that’ll likely end up in the recycling bin in a couple weeks.

Instead of dropping funds at our local craft store, we’ve taken to heading to the discount shop instead to load up on cheap materials. Because not all projects bought at the discount shop start as clean, boxed projects, I’ve needed all the ideas I could get. It turns out that the possibilities of what you can make from goods at the $2 shop are limitless, as evidenced in the slideshow here. Scroll through, then head to your local store and let your imagination go wild.

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Here’s my roundup of the best crafts that the internet has to offer.

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