DIY Pom Pom Round Up-Part 1

Winter is taking it's toll on the US, with 49 of our 50 states spotted with snow (Florida is the lone wolf here, even Hawaii has snow now).  The icy chill of winter can leave us excited for hot cocoa and warm fires, but can also take a toll on our moods.  What to do when you're stuck inside all day?  


Fight those winter woes with pom poms, one of my favourite almost effortless crafts with seemingly endless possibilities.  There are tons of how-to guides for pom poms, and I'd like to share a few with you — hopefully a little something to inspire anyone with winter cabin fever!

Wool Pom Pom Flowers

from Pooscape Projects

If you can't pick flowers outside, what better way to remind yourself of springtime than creating your own while enjoying some craft time?





1. Wool – luckily, pom poms don't require a ton of wool, so you can use scrap leftovers here too

2. Felt – Any shade of green, for making flower stem leaves.  Paper or fabric scraps can also be used here.

3. Wire – 16-18 gauge wire, cut to your desired flower length (about 14" is good for a taller vase). If you don't have wire, or want to use something around the house, thin but sturdy sticks from outside can be substituted here.

4. Tape – green florist tape works well for a more cohesive look, to wrap around wire.

5. Scissors

6. Glue



Wrap wool around your palm 100 times for a flower 3" in diameter.  Wind firmly but not too tight – it will be hard to slide off your hand if wound too tightly.  You can also wind around fingers, paper tubes, or anything about half an inch wider than your desired flower diameter.  For thicker pom poms, wind the wool around more times.


Slide the wool off your hand.  Make sure the bundle remains close and intact.  Cut a string of wool about 10 inches long, and center the bundle over the string. 

Pom Pom

Tightly knot the string of wool around the center of your bundle. Your bundle will look slightly donut-shaped. 

Pom Pom

Following along the edge of your bundle, cut through the center edge of all the loops, and fluff out the strands. 

Pom Pom

If you prefer a tidier, more rounded pom pom, trim away closer to the center until you have your desired shape.

Pom Pom

Wrap green florist tape around wire until it is covered.  Add a bead of glue at the end to make sure tape does not come undone.  If substituting with sticks, this step is not necessary.  

Pom Pom

Cut leaf shapes out of felt.  Add a small tab to the end of the leaf to use to attach the leaf to the stem. You can add depth to the leaf by folding and ironing it down the center, or hand stitching veins on your leaf. 

Pom Pom

Add a drop of glue to the end of your stem and insert into the center of your pom pom.

Pom Pom

Attach your leaf to the stem using tape or glue.

Pom Pom

pom Pom

These pom pom flowers can be made in any colour to complement a dinner party or holiday theme.  Try red pom poms for Valentine's Day, a pastel mix for springtime, or orange flowers with black stems for Halloween! 

Be sure to come back on Monday for Part 2 of the DIY Pom Pom Round Up!