[FREE PRINTABLE] Sharable Recipe Cards


Next time a friend compliments you on a dish you’ve made, share the recipe with her. Simply jot down the recipe on one of these printable recipe cards. You could also write out your very favourite recipes and share them with family, friends, and neighbours. Encourage them all to do the same, and you’ll have a whole new arsenal of meals at your fingertips! These cards are the perfect size for sending by post, so you could also start up a recipe exchange with friends far and wise. Simply send a recipe along with a blank card for them to send a favourite on to one of their own friends. It could be a wonderful new tradition and a chance to try out a few meals that you might otherwise not have discovered. Follow the few simple steps to make your own DIY printable recipe cards.



Step 1: Download and print the recipe card file onto white card stock.


Step 2: Cover the backs of the recipe card with the glue stick. Be sure to use a substantial amount and cover the backs thoroughly.


Step 3: Cut a section of your patterned paper and adhere it to the back of the card so that the pattern faces out.


Step 4: Cut around the border of each recipe card.


Step 5: Jot down your favourite recipes and share them with the people you love!


Pot graphic by Travis Beckham; spoon graphic by Connie Shu

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