DIY Surprise Stocking Balls


I confess—I still get a stocking from “Santa” every Christmas morning. Now that I’m a full-grown woman with a family of my own, I’m starting to suspect that my mum may be responsible. But for every one of my 33 years, whether it’s Mum or Santa, I’ve gotten some fresh winter citrus in my stocking along with whatever other treats might be in there. Oranges, tangerines, lemons—anything was fair game. When I was little it sort of confused me, but now it’s near to my heart. And so in honour of all of the citrus, I put together these fun little surprise stocking balls that look like oranges and lemons but are hiding lots of holiday treats for your kiddos! Have you ever unwrapped a surprise ball? Those things are the most fun ever. Here’s how you make ’em.


  • rolls of crepe paper (either in citrus colours, or just fun festive colors!)
  • tiny treats (candies, little toys and the like)
  • clear tape
  • scissors


Step 1: Gather together your little treats for the surprise ball. Anything that your kiddos will love and can fit in the palm of your hand is fair game! Great options are little lollies, balloons, small toys, stickers and more.


Step 2: Start with a toy that you’d like in the centre of the ball and begin wrapping around the toy, always trying to keep working the paper into a round shape.


Step 3: Keep adding toys and treats every few wraps so that when the ball is opened they will be revealed gradually.


Step 4: Continue until all of the toys are inside the ball, cut off the crepe paper, and tape the end of the paper to the ball.


Step 5: If you’re going for the citrus vibe, cut a small leaf or two of green paper and tape it to the top of your surprise balls.


Step 6: Fill everyone’s stockings and watch them have a ball opening their treats on Christmas morning!


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