DIY Halloween Chalk Favours

Oh, I love Halloween. It’s such an exciting time for the kids and our street really gets into it —there is not much I do not like about it! Except, now that I am a parent, I get a bit tired of the excess lollies and chocolate. My four-year-old daughter loved making chalk letters, and I thought making Halloween chalk would not only be a fun activity but also a non-lolly Halloween treat. I am not anti sweets or chocolate, but the kids get so many treats on Halloween night, it is nice to make something to play with and share with friends.

The kids can pretty much make this DIY chalk on their own (with supervision)—the hardest part for them is waiting for the mixture to dry and turn into chalk!





Step 1: Mix equal parts of plaster of Paris and water in a cup, add paint, and stir. (If doing with children, I suggest adding the plaster of Paris yourself.)


I used ¼ cup plaster of Paris and water, and that made about four chalks per colour (it depends on the size of your chosen Halloween silicone molds). The paint amount is up to you; the more paint you use, the bolder the colour. But paint will water the mixture down, so if you use a lot of paint, add another spoonful of plaster of Paris to even it out.

Step 2: Pour mixtures into your silicone mold and wait at least eight hours. If you remove the chalk too early, it will break easily in the mold. You may need to prevent your eager children from poking holes in the chalk with their fingers.



I am a sucker for these smiling pumpkins—they’re so cute!


The chalk would make a great addition to a Halloween treat bag or a Halloween party favour (especially if kids have known allergies).


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