DIY Wooden Starburst Wreath

We decided to break from tradition this year for our Christmas wreath. Sick of sweeping up pine needles on our verandah every day, we decided to go a bit crafty post-modern chic with our wreath instead.


I made a beautiful starburst wreath out of some simple wood shims from the hardware store. I’m keeping ours minimalist and super simple, but feel free to spruce your version up with some colour or holly leaves.



  • Lengths of flat balsa wood about 50mm wide
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon
  • flat thumbtacks


Step 1: Cut the balsa wood into two different sizes (the larger size should be cut to suit your door). You will need 24 cuts of each size. Arrange 20 pieces of the larger size around in a starburst.


Step 2: Once you have made your circle, arrange 20 pieces of your smaller pieces in an overlapping pattern on top of it.


Step 3: Going piece by piece around the circle to keep the shape, glue each overlapping balsa piece together.


Step 4: You should have eight pieces remaining, four of each size. Lay four of them out in a square on the wreath and glue them in place.


Step 5: Glue the remaining four pieces in a square diagonal to the first square. This will help maintain the wreath’s structure.


Step 6: Take a piece of ribbon and attach to the top square using a thumbtack.

Step 7: Attach the other end of your ribbon to the top of your door using another thumbtack. Hang to the proper height and trim away your excess ribbon. Tada! You have a super simple wreath—done and done!


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Images: Ryan Foy